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Your membership donation to BFOM will be processed by PayPal via BFOM Treasurer Lisa Tuckerman ( You should receive an email confirmation from PayPal with Lisa's contact information. Your confirmation email from PayPal serves as your proof of payment for BFOM membership. Thank you for your support of Bozeman's music programs and students!

About Us

Hawks Night Live 2021 will be different than all our past shows!!! BOTH Bozeman High Schools will be participating, not just Hawks….So we need a NEW show name and want your input!!

Bozeman Friends Of Music was established in 1985 with the goal of supporting music in the Bozeman Public School District above and beyond the ordinary, enriching the lives of students through exceptional musical experiences. We are basically the “booster club” for choir, band and orchestra in the Bozeman Public Schools. Please read, download and share our 2019-2020 Program Guide and Membership Application.

BFOM is run completely by volunteers. Especially when Hawks Night Live as approaching, a small army of helpers is needed. Please check out the following link for specific ways you can support music in our schools and our amazing young musicians: . Please consider giving a small amount of time to help. You can also Click Here for a general volunteer form.

Upcoming concerts:

Mon-Tue  Nov  25-26      BHS Candlelight Concerts*    7:00pm        BHS S Café

Sat      Dec       7     5th Grade Orchestras    2-4pm        GV Mall

Mon     Dec      9      Whittier Holiday Concert      6:30pm         Willson

Mon    Dec      9      SMS Select Choir & ESO      7:30pm          SMS Café

Tue      Dec      10    BHS Choirs     7:30pm        Willson

Tue      Dec      10    SMS Jazz     7:30pm        SMS Café

Wed     Dec      11    BHS Bands       7:30pm        Willson

Thu      Dec      12    SMS 6th Band/Choir       7:30pm        SMS Gym

Fri        Dec      13    Irving Holiday Concerts     12:30pm, 1:30pm     Irving

Mon    Dec      16    Hawthorne Concert       6:30pm        Willson

Tue      Dec      17    Longfellow Concert       6:30pm        Willson

Wed    Dec      18    BHS Orch         7:30pm        Willson

Wed    Dec      18    Hyalite Holiday Concerts        9:30am, 2:00pm       Hyalite

Thu      Dec      19    CJMS Jazz    11:00am, 1:00pm        GV Mall     

Thu      Dec      19    BHS Gala Concert*        7:30pm                Willson  

Fri        Dec      20    Emily Dickinson    9:30am, 12:30pm    Emily 

Fri        Dec      20    Morning Star     9:30am, 12:30pm     Morning Star

Fri        Dec      20    Meadowlark Concerts     9:30am, 12:30pm    Meadowlark

*Tickets Required