Membership Levels

Your membership donation to BFOM will be processed by PayPal via BFOM Treasurer Lisa Tuckerman ( You should receive an email confirmation from PayPal with Lisa's contact information. Your confirmation email from PayPal serves as your proof of payment for BFOM membership. Thank you for your support of Bozeman's music programs and students!

Programs Supported

The proceeds from Hawks Night Live combined with memberships, proceeds from the Instrument Swap and our raffle have allowed us to fund the following during the past year:

  • $5,000 for the BHS Orchestra Trip
  • $7,750 for student scholarships
  • $20,000 for new instruments for the schools
  • $26,500 for BHS music programs
  • $3,000 for Middle school music programs
  • $2,500 for Elementary school music programs
  • $750 for the 5th Grade Band/Orchestra Festival
  • $640 for Eckroth certificates for middle school students
  • $125 for Senior corsages & boutonnieres
  • $1500 for the BHS Worthy Student Scholarship Award
  • $1000 for Teacher Scholarships
  • $1100 for All Northwest Scholarships

Total funding last year exceeded $70,000.

As you can see, our members are so valuable to our music education community.  Read more about our program and membership here